Silver Lining lookbook

In all honesty, I am all in for wearing embellishments during any time of the day! I was absolutely thrilled to be wearing this not-so-day like outfit during the day. Silver, White and Blue strike the perfect combination together. While walking around Barcelona, i found this really cute yellow umbrella and i couldn’t stop myself from getting a few photographs with it! This encrusted clutch is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and i have it since i was in 11th grade! I don’t thing i am ever going to let go of it. It strikes an amazing statement with all kinds of looks. This traditional fit buttoned-srop down collared shirt with a skater skirt and silver embellishments is perfect for a nice evening dinner.

I was wearing: 

Armani Clutch ( )

Dior Time Piece ( )

Namrata Joshipura Shirt ( )

Forever 21 midi rings ( )

Promod Skirt ( ) 

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