hair styling tips for the season

The struggle gets real when the clock is ticking by fast, and you go on with nothing but your own routine

hairdo. Hair styling always manages to enhance your  look, be it for a party, casual day out, date night or a usual day at work,giving you the confidence and right attitude to go out and about! 

Hence, to save the precious time, new techniques and inventions are created. Here are a few

hair styles that can enhance your look in absolutely no time! 


1. Messy Waves – The most trending hairstyle, sported by all fashion enthusiasts around the world has got to be the Messy Waves! Messy Waves are best paired with any casual, street style look with shorts/tees/overalls/ripped jeans etc. They are specially on point with Bohemian outfits and casual beach looks.Messy waves can be easily attained by following some simple steps:

A) Begin with pinning up the top half of your hair with a big clip.

B) Take ¾” or 5/8” curling iron and wrap 1-2” sections of your hair and continue wrapping it UP toward the tip. Leave the ends untouched.

C) Unwrap it in the same manner and lightly mist your hair with a sprayer every time you proceed further.

D) Follow the same procedure with other sections of your hair.

E) Don’t worry about trying to make it even, because randomness here is a friend! So now, go ahead with the simplest and fashionable styling, because the messier, the better.


2. Braids – Braids are totally rocking this season! From the girl next door to the badass diva, braids can totally enhance your look in many different ways. The best part of braiding the hair is that there is not only just one, but many different patterns to tie the hair. A few famous ones are:

A) The Traditional pattern: Over here, the first and foremost step is to untangle the hair

and then divide them into 3 even sections which gives out a 3 strand braiding. Take the right and

left section, and cross it over the middle section one after the other. Continue braiding and

tighten them as you move down. In the end, leaving a few hair unbraided, tie it with a rubber

band. (Best Paired with rompers, hats, skater skirts, botton down shirts)

B) Fishtail – Again, untangle the hair and divide them into 2 even sections.Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section and then pull it over to the inside of the right section. Follow the same for the right section as well. Take even strands for a tight braid and uneven strands for a more messy look. Keeping alternating sides and repeat this pattern till you run out of the hair from both the sections. And in the end, tie it with a knot. (Street Style-Best paired with any casual outfit, specially prints and patterns)

C) Part Braids- You can take sections of hair on either side or your ears or in the middle of hair and braid them, keeping the rest of the hair open for absolutely gorgeous looking hair.(Street StyleBest paired with any casual outfit, specially prints and patterns) 

D) French Braid- Divide your hair into two halves. Start by taking the upper portion of your hair and braid your way down till below your ear. Repeat the same for the other side. Combine both the braids and pull it up to a messy bun or low pony tail. Make your hair took so well done with such minimal efforts for a super cute look. (I would love to pair this braid a with casual, floral, lacy, shift dresses in particular)


3. Middle Parting – Middle parting has become a red carpet favourite and mine too!  Middle parting your hair is the quickest way to spice up your look! Here are the various ways in which you can try a middle parting for different looks:

A) Middle parting with hair tied behind the back or even a bun fits the best for a formal look. (Evening cocktail look)

B) Middle parting with straight falling hair is well suited with a sexy party dress giving a total sassy look. (For a dressy night out)

C) Middle parting with messy waves should be your to-go for a casual outfit. (For a casual night out) 

D) For people with short hair, middle parting and giving bouncy curls to your hair will drastically enhance your face and look.(Evening/night out) 


4. Volume Boosting – To achieve a bold, confident and agile look, volume boosting hairstyle can

lend a helping hand. For women with naturally straight or flat hair, volume boosting can totally give an edge to your face irrespective of your face structure. This style adds instant charm to all face and body types. Especially for the party loving women, a short bodycon dress with high heels and increased volume of hair can steal the show

in no second. This hairdo can be attained by following the procedure:

A) Go the reverse way- Condition the hair first and then shampoo it.

B) Blow dry it UP and not out.

C) Add a little oil to give a soft touch.

D) To add a major lift, try dry shampoo. Spray it and use your fingertips to shake the strands.

E) Tease the hair with a very fine comb with a downward stroke.

F) Curl it in the ends.

G) Style your way to suit the look!


All Images are sourced from google. 

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