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puerto vallarta: postcard perfect

I literally had the best one-week vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is one hell of a spring break destination! This trip will be remembered for various reasons but there were a couple of major highlights for me in this trip! :

– Eating delicious local Mexican food everyday and living in a Villa overlooking the beach with an infinity swimming pool! It was even more fun than it sounds!

– Travelling in a yacht, swimming in the deep ocean and visiting the hidden islands have always been on my bucket list and all 3 of them went off my bucket list in Puerto Vallarta. I got to do all 3 things in one single day! It was definitely one of the best days of my life!

– Attending one of the most awaited foam parties of the year at Senõr Frog. Unfortunately i was not able to click any photos of the event or the venue. But to say the least, it was really crazy! Meeting and partying with so many different people from across the globe made this night really memorable.

– Doing all sorts of crazy outdoor adventure sports in the middle of the jungle can undoubtedly qualify as the best thing i have ever done in my life! We kicked off in true 007 style with an exhilarating speedboat ride which took us to the island. Once on dry land, our truck took us to an exhilarating off-road expedition 2,000 ft above sea level to our base camp deep in Sierra Madre Mountains. All of us rode mules which is took us even deeper into the sub-tropical forest. This was followed by a thrilling series of zip-lines, rappelling down waterfalls, surfing through the jungle and finally splashing through streams and natural river pools! This over the top adventure experience ended with the third highest drop in the world at 846 feet (258 meters)! This was probably one of the few days in my life where i can proudly say that i lived every second to the fullest!



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